Hi I’m Lacy.

The most young lady and most expecting dog on this farm. I am Bella's baby. I am saying I am the start the success of this farm. Well first I was a mess it becouse I love to play and I got a lot of energy.
Bella is my mama and I am the first girl she had, and the runt of the litter. Mama is a big girl, and I am a small girl (at 8 months old approximately 60 lbs.) Dad had mixed feelings about this at first, but something he has learned through his experiences is that many people are adopting the pups to be inside housemates, so they are not looking for the biggest. I love everyone! Mama has really spent a lot of time with me trying to get me to come out of my shell I was in from being the smallest and only girl of her April 2016 litter! I look just like mother.