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What Should I Do Before I Bring My Puppy Home?

Congratulations on your new puppy! I know that you have prepared for this responsibility of being a mama or daddy to this little fur-baby.
White german shepherd puppy is a lot of responsobilyty but the best friend that you can have. Actually it is preatty and cute too. So first you need to take care about sleeping place and playing area.
For the puppy you dont need big crate, but it will grow so since start got Crate not smalle that xl size. And first time the puppy will miss his/her mothe. So try to pup him/her close to your bad and pet the puppy when it will crying. If your puppy will live outside - be prapere for the noise. But if you make puppis comfort first 3 days - it will take you in his/her parenhood. But never forgot that this is a dog. So you will able to disciplin the puppy right way, for Your rules in house.
Never allow anyone to overly disturb your dog in his/her crate. This is his/her castle, his/her safe space, his/her home.
For his/ her confort you can also got Puppy Pen for sleeping and playing.
Collar, ID Tag, Leash for identification and walking. You’re probably going to want to get a Small and a Large collar (from a selection of XS, S, M, L XL collars).
Clicker for behavioral training via sound and don’t forget the Treats!
Kong Toys and Chews!
House Cleaning Tools, brush, towels, etc.
Furniture Covers, we all shed, even our fur-babies. You may want to invest in some furniture covers.
Wee-wee pads to establish an indoor place for your puppy to go wee-wee.
Puppy Food, Food and Water Bowls. Science diet is a very reliable brand of puppy, adult, and senior dog food
Brush, Shampoo, Nail Clippers.
Have you found a nice and reputable veterinarian? provides the following recommendations for finding the right veterinarian: the best way to find a good veterinarian is to ask people who have the same approach to pet care as you. Start with a recommendation from a friend, neighbor, animal shelter worker, dog trainer, groomer, boarding kennel employee or pet sitter. Look in the Yellow Pages under "Veterinarians" and "Animal Hospitals," where you can likely find important information about hours, services and staff. You can also search for veterinarians in your area online. Check for accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association. AAHA accreditation means that a veterinary hospital has voluntarily pursued and met AAHA's standards in the areas of facility, equipment and quality care. If you're looking for a specialist, ask about board certification. This means the vet has studied an additional two to four years in the specialty area and passed a rigorous exam. Once you've narrowed your search, schedule a visit to meet the staff, tour the facility and learn about the hospital's philosophy and policies. This is a reasonable request that any veterinarian should be glad to oblige. Write down your questions ahead of time.
What to look for in a veterinary practice
Is the facility clean, comfortable and well-organized?
Are appointments required?
How many veterinarians are in the practice?
Are there technicians or other professional staff members?
Are dog and cat cages in separate areas?
Is the staff caring, calm, competent and courteous, and do they communicate effectively?
Do the veterinarians have special interests such as geriatrics or behavior?
Are X-rays, ultrasound, blood work, EKG, endoscopy and other diagnostics done in-house or referred to a specialist?
Which emergency services are available?
Is location and parking convenient?
Do fees fit your budget, and are discounts for senior citizens or multi-pet households available?
Do you know where your puppy will sleep before you bring her home? Are you going to crate train your puppy, or always allow your pup to sleep in bed with you, or outside? If inside, it is a good idea to crate train from beginning and then after a while, maybe a year or two later then allow the puppy the option of free reign of the house with the crate door always open. You want the crate to be your dog’s safe space.
Establish unwavering concrete rules from the very beginning, such as if your puppy is allowed on the furniture or not. Many of these things will seem silly, but it will provide your pup with stability and thus confidence in you.
Have you decided where your dog will be kept during the day while you are away? Do not abandon your dog. He will give you his trust and loyalty. Don’t leave him in the confinement of his crate all day and then choose socializing through the evening hours rather than care for your loved one. Take responsibility. The right people to be friends with will come spend time with you and your pup.
Have you determined how you plan to correct him for mistakes? Are you going to take training with your dog? Trainings are offered and local places like petco and pet depot.
We did this research for you - for helping, but you need to remember the main things that your new puppy need - it is your love. Just tread white german shepherd right - and it will answer you with love and loalty.

Written by Dennis Lacy