German shepherds

German shepherds

If you have ever had German shepherd, than you know how intellegent and loyal they are. They are the go-to dogs for police and millitary all across the world, as well as loving family pets. When german shepherd breed was developed in Germany in 1800s, it become the most popular dog in the World. Even now it is in top 5 the most popular AKC breed list.

German shepherds have awesome attitude and very good rounded. They are tender with children but one of the best for security. They are playful but will also study a stranger to protect their family. The dogs are hard workers.

German shephers usially stay in good weight becouse how energetic they are. Younger dogs can seem thin, but will growing more muscular as they muture. You still need balance their diet for better health.

German shephers have calm behavior, so they are good housedogs. But they need exercises each day.German sherpherd is companion dog so they prefer active time with their owner instiad dogs social activities.

Written by Dennis Lacy