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Guardians of Royalty!

They are always protective of their loving family unit in some form or fashion. Some are braver and some are more cautious. But they always keep a look out over their territory, your home, your yard, etc. You should utilize Beware of Dog signs. He or she will be your baby, but remember how other people may see your baby. You don't want to ever have to be in the position of having someone hurt, and having to put your baby down. So just always prevent these scenarios, never let your WGSD feel like they are in a corner with nowhere to go. And if you do have an unpreventable situation where a stranger startles your WGSD, the stranger will be in fear. Your WGSD will smell this fear and it will unnerve it too. Your WGSD is thinking why would that person smell of fear unless they were up to something wrong. Please keep all these things in mind and be a responsible owner of your WGSDs. Don't let their love and loyalty for you be something that they have to pay for with their life. They will protect you. They are truly Guardians of Royalty!

Written by Dennis Lacy