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Here at Lacy Farm, our goal is to provide quality white german shepherd dogs (WGSDs) to people that want to bring a loving and beautiful member into their family. We are located in the suburbs of Huntsville (Madison county), Alabama.

White german shepherd experience: Dennis Lacy has a long history with raising white german shepherd dogs (WGSDs), beginning in January of 1999 with two little white german shepherd puppy girls. Those two little puppies made me fall in love with them like any family dog does, but they went beyond that bond and made me fall in love with not only them, but Them, the german shepherd. They are so beautiful and honorable. They have an intelligence and love for their family unit that makes them truly Guardians of Royalty.

Katya Lacy was introduced to white german shepherd dogs in 2013 when she began dating Dennis and met Bella.

One of our goals is to someday see our white german shepherd dogs (WGSDs) serving as service dogs, such as search and rescue team members and even serving as therapy dogs.
Our puppies are AKC regestrated, OFA certificated, DM clear.
Snowcloud,Chapparral, Champions blood line. From Roy Rogers dog Bullet. One of the best blood line of America.

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